These are the restaurant, dining in prices.

If you order a selection of tapas for your entire meal, we recommend approximately four each.

Unless you request otherwise, tapas dishes will arrive more or less altogether but some will arrive quicker than others.

Tapas means “lid” in Spanish. It is rumoured that Andalusian bar owners placed edible lids over drinks to stop the flies attacking & tapas took off from there!

Salads, vegetables & cheese


Deep fried (award winning) Yorkshire Dana Halloumi-style cheese served with homemade chilli Jam £6 (v, gf) £6


Spicy, Middle-Eastern Patties of chickpeas, lemon & coriander  £6/10 main (v,ve,gf)

Champiñones a la Crema

Garlic mushrooms in white wine, cream & parsley £6 (v,gf) vegan option available

Dolmades – Vine leaves stuffed with rice & herbs £5 (v,ve,gf)

Tomate y cebolla

Tomato & onion salad in olive oil £3 (v,ve,gf)


Greek village-style salad with Feta cheese & olives £6 (v,gf)



Pickled Anchovies £5 (gf)


Deep fried squid  with garlic mayonnaise      £8

Roquito Prawns

Greenland Prawns, Roquito chillies & Samphire Grass with a mint, Greek Yoghurt & lemon dressing £10 (gf)

Gambas Pil pil

Tiger Prawns in hot garlic & chilli oil     £10(gf)

Chicken & Meats

Pork Ribs

In a Catalan-style Barbecue sauce with fennel & honey £8

Chorizo en Vino Tinto

Chorizo sausage sautéed in Red Wine £5 (gf)


Meatballs in tomato & basil sauce £6 (gf)

Beef Pepe

Slow-braised beef in peppercorn sauce £8


Hot Chicken in a North African preserved lemon, mint, coriander & chilli marinade with black sesame seeds    £6 (gf)

Pollo en Soberano 

Chicken fillets with mushrooms sautéed in Spanish brandy, cream & smoked paprika £6 (gf)

Rice & Potatoes

Paella de Verduras

Paella rice with mixed vegetables       £5 (v,ve,gf)

Paella de Chorizo y Pollo

Paella rice with Chicken & Chorizo        £6 (gf)

Loaded “dirty” Potatoes

Fried Potatoes topped with a selection of hot chillies, BBQ sauce, cheese & mixed onions (v)

Patatas Bravas

Fried potatoes in hot chilli spiced tomato sauce      £4 (v,ve,gf)

Patatas Fritas con Anchoas

Homemade chips topped with salted anchovies £5 (gf)

Patatas Fritas con Mayonesa con Ajo

Homemade Chips with garlic mayonnaise £4 (v,gf)




2 thoughts on “Tapas

  1. Thankyou Martin for the most beautiful meal I have eaten out for a long time, no-one seems to take pride in the food they serve anymore but Its quite obvious you do. Your garlic mushrooms are the best I have ever tasted in my life, they are to die for!!! Also the Beef Pepe was so tender it melted in my mouth. Congratulations on serving the most delicious food. Thankyou also for the complimentary drinks. Can’t wait to eat at Volare again. Cheers, from Carolyn.

    • Sorry I missed you tonight Carolyn! Thank you for coming & for your lovely comments. I’m glad you came & you enjoyed it. Cheers xxx

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