Main Courses

Main Courses

Pollo y Chorizo a la crema – Yorkshire Wolds, high welfare bred Chicken fillets sautéed with chorizo in garlic mushroom, cream, white wine and Spanish smoked paprika. Served with homemade chips & fresh rocket £16 (gf)

Fillet Steak – Fillet steak medallions, aged for 28 days served with homemade chips & fresh rocket, in a red wine, brandy, cream & peppercorn sauce £25 (gf)

Gambas de Menorca – Large, shell on king prawns, Balearic-style, sautéed in sea salt, garlic & lemon served with paella rice & fresh rocket £25 (gf)

Greek Sagnaki – Chicken fillets in a tomato, chilli and bell pepper sauce topped with feta cheese & fresh coriander served with paella rice and fresh rocket £16 (gf)

Pimientos Bell Bell pepper stuffed with ratatouille, baked with bechamel, tomato & Mozzarella served with garlic bread & homemade chips £13 (v)

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