Set Tapas for larger groups

No pre-ordering is necessary. This menu is slightly discounted for a larger group booking and we haven’t added a service charge – we will leave that up to you. However, we do require a deposit straight away and as you will be taking up a large space in our small restaurant, we would like some, or all of you to arrive at 7pm, or before. The whole party needs to dine from this menu but we can cater for any dietary requirements (vegan, gluten free, allergies etc), if you tell us in advance. We hope we can make your special occasion a very happy one & we would love you to book with us.


4 thoughts on “Set Tapas for larger groups

  1. Hello my name is George Robson I am 16 and live in Shelley.

    I am looking for work experience in the form of a part time job.
    I am available to work anytime Friday evenings anytime Saturday or Sunday. I am currently at Barnsley College. I am very hardworking, and I am more than happy to come on a trial basis to learn the job before becoming an employee. I would be interested in cleaning/kitchen porter work.

    • Hi George
      You sound fantastic & I would definitely employ you if I had the space. However I am fully staffed up right now & I couldn’t possibly give their hours to you. We are a small venue without any extra space for extra staff. I wish you the very best of luck & if someone were to leave suddenly I would be in touch. You have a great attitude & I’m sure one of our competitors will snap you up.
      All the very best
      From Martin Corless

  2. Hi My name is McKenna and I am 15 currently still at school and looking for a weekend/after school job! Although i am not experienced you can give me any job even if its just cleaning tables, and i will do that job to the best of my ability.
    Hope to hear back from you soon,
    Thankyou, McKenna

    • Hi McKenna, I have a full team of staff at the moment so I am sorry that I am unable to offer you anything. Good luck for finding a job. Thanks for applying to Volare.
      From Nicola

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