We are not recruiting at the moment.

4 thoughts on “Jobs

  1. Hello my name is George Robson I am 16 and live in Shelley.

    I am looking for work experience in the form of a part time job.
    I am available to work anytime Friday evenings anytime Saturday or Sunday. I am currently at Barnsley College. I am very hardworking, and I am more than happy to come on a trial basis to learn the job before becoming an employee. I would be interested in cleaning/kitchen porter work.

    • Hi George
      You sound fantastic & I would definitely employ you if I had the space. However I am fully staffed up right now & I couldn’t possibly give their hours to you. We are a small venue without any extra space for extra staff. I wish you the very best of luck & if someone were to leave suddenly I would be in touch. You have a great attitude & I’m sure one of our competitors will snap you up.
      All the very best
      From Martin Corless

  2. Hi My name is McKenna and I am 15 currently still at school and looking for a weekend/after school job! Although i am not experienced you can give me any job even if its just cleaning tables, and i will do that job to the best of my ability.
    Hope to hear back from you soon,
    Thankyou, McKenna

    • Hi McKenna, I have a full team of staff at the moment so I am sorry that I am unable to offer you anything. Good luck for finding a job. Thanks for applying to Volare.
      From Nicola

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