Early Doors Fixed Price Menu



Fixed Price Early Doors Menu is available:-

Tuesday – Saturday

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 5pm Until 7.30pm

Friday and Saturday 5pm until 6.45pm


Chorizo & Olive Paella

Tomato & Basil soup (v)

Creamy Garlic Mushrooms on Toast (V)

 Anchovy, caper & pickled chilli salad

Main Courses

Deep fried scampi with chips & salad

Chicken Fillets in Barbeque sauce with chips & salad

Slow braised Beef in a peppercorn, brandy, red wine & cream sauce with chips

Penne Siciliana – Pasta tubes, Chicken and chillies in tomato

Pasta Funghi – Mushrooms with penne in cheese sauce

Pizza Leonardo – Pizza topped with bolognaise sauce & Mozzarella

Pizza Napolitana – Salted anchovies, capers, olives, Mozzarella & tomato

Salade Halloumi – Deep fried, award-winning Cypriot-style cheese (made in Huddersfield) with salad and chilli jam

(swap salad for vegetables + £1,        swap chips for potatoes + £1,       swap to Gluten free pizza base +£1.50)


Warm chocolate fudge cake

 A trio of mixed Ice Cream

Cafe Chocolate – vanilla ice cream drizzled in chocolate sauce topped with Tiramisu

             Two Courses £11.50

Three Courses £15.00

Just a Main Course £9

(Starter or dessert £4.50)


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