Big parties

Booking Procedure for tables of nine people or more

(separate booking conditions apply to Christmas Menu 2019 and New Years Eve, the following conditions apply the rest of the time)

We aren’t a huge venue but that doesn’t stop us from enjoying catering for larger groups so if you’d like to book for a table of nine people or more, please follow this procedure and due to past experiences, we have to be strict on this:-

  1. Please make a £10 per person (non-refundable & non-transferable) deposit when booking.  We cannot take provisional bookings for a larger group. Your guests need to be fairly punctual, as the rest of our restaurant bookings will be taken around yours and some folks booked in after you, may end up waiting unhappily, if any of your party arrive late.
  2. Ask each member of your party what they would like for their meal using the choices available on this website. Send us your entire order, via email to  and please send it to us eight or more days in advance. If you don’t receive a reasonably quick acknowledgement of your email – please phone us – we will not have received it, if we haven’t replied to you.
  3. We have a set tapas menu that is available for a larger group so if you are unable to ask your group for their choices in advance, this is the perfect, delicious and fun  option:- Olives, breads, dips, platters, paellas, patatas, chicken Soberano, meatballs in tomato, Mediterranean vegetables baked with cheese – all served in two stages, in the middle of your table, for you to all share. This is priced at £20 per person and it is magnificent, with something to suit everybody (almost anyway – so please tell us of any allergies, special dietary requirements etc)!  Add dessert = £5 per person.
  4. Only one food bill will be issued to you (the party organiser) but if your group want to buy their own drinks from the bar, they can pay individually when they order them.  No tabs please. If your guests are paying individually for their meals, please advise them to have the correct money with them (they should remember to minus their deposit) to make the bill paying less demanding on you.  Our cashier can be very busy and will not be able to assist you with this. If we have cooked the food for someone who hasn’t turned up on the night, unfortunately we will have to charge in full for it but we can package it up to take away. If you tell us about any absentees before we open at 5pm, then it will only be their deposit lost. Please inform all your party members of this.
  5. WE WILL NOT ADD A SERVICE CHARGE but if you are happy with the waiting on staff, they will be grateful for any gratuities – larger groups who pay individually, do tend to forget.

We don’t like the fact that we have to put all these procedures in place and we hope it doesn’t put you off coming to us.  There have been many incidences in the past regarding big parties, that have left us badly out of pocket and we hope therefore, that you can sympathise with us on this.  We do love big parties.  They bring a great atmosphere in with them and we do hope that you will book with us.  We might not be able to bend the rules on these procedures but we can gladly discuss any special requests and we will try our hardest to make sure that you all have a fantastic evening at Volare.