Big Tables and Christmas Parties


Now is the time that folks start to book their works Christmas party so please don’t leave it too late!  Book your special Christmas occasion now!

A £5 per person deposit (non refundable, non transferable) is required on booking for parties of 9 people or more.

Menu options:-


For larger group bookings our set tapas menu is ideal.  There is no pre-ordering necessary and nobody has to remember what they have ordered.  There are dishes to suit everyone and it’s a great way to dine socially by passing dishes around your table.  We highly recommend this option and it’s great value too.

On the set tapas, you’ll start off with a few nibbles – olives & pickles, followed by homemade breads, Mediterranean dips, A platter of Serrano ham, Chorizo and Spanish Manchego cheese. Then there is chicken with mushrooms in cream & paprika, Vegetable Paella, Meatballs in tomato sauce, spicy Patatas Bravas and Mediterranean vegetables baked with cheese.  All this for £20 per person – fantastic!  Vegetarians will have dishes switched in but we need to be told on booking, how many vegetarians there are.

We’ve learnt from experience that we can’t accept any individual payments from big parties.  It makes everyone else who is  dining in Volare have their bill delayed.  Our Trip Advisor page has a review on it that highlights this issue so we will not allow this to happen anymore.  One food bill will be given to the party organiser and all drinks bought by individuals must be purchased from the bar at the time.  If the party wants to pay for drinks on a tab at the end, only one bill for this can be issued to the party organiser.

Please also know that we do not add a 10% service charge for big parties like a lot of other places do – we want you to leave what you think and hopefully our smiley faced servers will prompt you to add something extra on top.  They will really appreciate this.

As Volare continues to be busy and the venue is quite small, all the space and chairs are crucial.  Any last minute cancellations can be devastating to us.

The early bird is a good value menu to choose from too – if you can all come early enough.  If you can’t and you’d like to order from it, we can add the early doors 20% discount back on so January – November it’s £18 for three courses (December £19) and £13.80 (£15 in December) for two courses which is still fantastic value.



Another alternative way to choose is to ask everyone to have a look at our menu on this website and ask them to select what they’d like from the whole range of it.  It can get a bit chaotic when some people order tapas and others order starters and main courses so please bear this in mind.  As the party organiser, you can always invent your own menu and ask your guests to pick from that.


We do need parties of nine or more to choose beforehand if they aren’t having the set tapas menu. The order must be with us a a week in advance.  Our kitchen isn’t big enough for more than 2 chefs and as everything is homemade and cooked to order, prior notice is definitely required.

We love catering for big parties.  Organisation is the key.  We hope the rules don’t put you off because we’d love to cook for you.  We have been up and running for over twenty years so we have the experience to know what to do to make it a magical, perfect venue for all your guests.