Autumn 2020

Our current aim is to run the collection takeaway service alongside the restaurant service with clever timings. We have removed six tables and spread the remaining ones apart to comply with the social distancing rules. As we are taking less bookings in the restaurant, it is very important that we keep the takeaway service running. We would also like to use all the tables that are booked before 6.15pm, twice. If you book a table 6.15pm or before, we will ask that we can have it back for someone else 2 hours later. We need to thoroughly clean the table and all the chairs before someone else is seated on it so please vacate an early booked table after 1 & 3/4 hours. As the current rules stand, we have to have a completely empty restaurant at 10pm. We are only allowed to accept bookings from single household/support bubbles.

We will announce all new developments on Facebook first so please like our page. Thank you for all the tremendous support we have received throughout lockdown. It is a privilege to be a part of this community & our customers have been absolutely amazing. Words can’t express how grateful we felt to be able to continue trading as we have through this difficult year. We’ve worked out how we can continue trading successfully and adapted to all the current regulations. We will adapt again as we have to, if & when the time comes. We love what we do and we will do whatever it takes to continue doing it. Thank you!

From Nicola & Martin Corless & family and Team Volare